Welcome to Tux1's website!

This is where I put my various web-related projects.

About me

I am Tux1, your local weirdo with bad taste. I've got many nerdy interests, including science, math, linguistics, drawing and music making. You could consider me a "jack-of-all-trades" if I wasn't equally terrible at all of those things.

Some of my favorite video games include:

This is my fursona, and though he may look a bit generic, he packs quite a punch, as he's powered by a miniture nuclear fusion reactor. Perhaps someday we will see him in real life... (probably not though.)

Oh, you can't seem him. That's too bad.

Some of my things include:

The bloog

Like Twitter, but without Elon Musk. Check it out!

The kay(f)bop(t) infodump

I have scoured the internet and located these things related to the semi-obscure language kay(f)bop(t). Go check it out as well!


Uh oh, the alerts are coming! Run while you still can!