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Goodbye Twitter, I will not be missing you!

I remember when I first wanted to create a twitter account, but I couldn't since I didn't have a phone number. Then they got rid of that restriction and I thought it was great! Until I saw all of the things on it.

Not only does Twitter suck for political talk, but it also sucks for wanting to look at art. I followed many furry twitter accounts before I deleted it, and many of them would just straight up interact with NSFW content, and Twitter would shove it in my face! Come on now!

I might start using Mastodon instead, or I'll just be writing in this blog thing that nobody reads


Okay so, I temporarily reactivated my Twitter account to participate in a raffle, but turns out Elon Musk bought it and started going crazy with the platform. Yeah, maybe that wasn't such a hot idea.


Minecraft is dead. And Microsoft killed it.

I know that has been said many times before, but I genuinely believe that to be the case here. It was never about the community, it was always about the owners. Minecraft starting out as a small indie game, and in a way it still is, but ever since Microsoft bought it in 2014 it's been slowly getting worse over time. Bedrock edition, a redesigned website, rediculous updates, and now, forced migration to Microsoft accounts as the final nail in the coffin.

It's a shame really, I grew up on Minecraft and never really did anything I'm proud of in it. Just kinda stuck to the back of my brain. Oh well, at least I have the tools to create my own games, just like what Neil Cicierega did all those years ago.

Speaking of which, I plan on doing just that! I'm going to attempt porting Minecraft to C++ based on it's original source code, in all of the versions. I obviously can't share it with anyone, but it'll be there.


It gets worse, now Microsoft is actively banning any player who swears. I thought this wasn't going to be a shared opinion, but I guess I was wrong. Rest in peace.


Just redesigned my website, gonna be taking things a bit more seriously from now on.

For context, my previous iteration of this site looked like it was trying too hard, like some kid who was trying to imitate Geocities. Do I have a screenshot handy? No.


hapee new year


judgement day




tng is done


im lazy




Updated the website


Just created the bloog