NOTE: The following is an independent work of fan-fiction, written by Tux1 and taking place in the setting of Project Fia/The SCP Foundation. "SCP-2557" by Kate McTiriss, from the SCP Wiki. Source: Licensed under CC-BY-SA.


Could Aspectual Computing be the Next Big Thing? - A Holding of Envelope Logistics®

Jelia Nelsom pictured next to the A-SMALL prototype aspectual computer, of which she was the project lead for. (Property of Envelope Logistics®)

The news article "Could Aspectual Computing be the Next Big Thing?", as written and published for the Auril Press, is in possession of Envelope Logistics®, the leading buyer, seller, and holding company for abstract concepts in the tri-universe region.

Purchased by a Furria Guild member on Septea 13th, 61 AS, this news article is now one of the many locations in which you can get started investing in concepts with a trusted Envelope Logistics® agent. Since the deregulation and privatization of abstractions during the 1997 AD Divinetic Althing, Envelope Logistics® has been a leader in the innovative new ownership industries of the future.

The concept of this news article is just one of the many holdings we help our clients buy and sell. As an example, one agent in Slendova, Maahst helped clients buy, sell and trade in concepts as diverse as the imagination of antecedent sylvtaps in Erthen, the damage output of new gunblades built by Crescentalian Sheep-types, and Caelum-based Sorcia in one week alone!

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